Tuesday, February 24, 2009


308以來,馬來西亞的政治人物頻頻出事,9月12日內安法令逮捕了《今日馬來西亞》總編輯拉惹柏特拉、報導「寄居論」的《星洲日報》記者陳雲清以及雪州高級行政議員郭素沁 ;霹靂州四議員賈馬魯丁、莫哈末奧斯曼、許月鳳和納沙魯丁連環跳,導致變天事件;黃潔冰裸照事件;四場補選。




  1. 由人类所操控的所谓政治,主要建立在金钱利益的基础上,各种主义或主张都为特定集团所服务。不只是马来西亚的政治环境复杂肮脏,在太阳底下的政治环境都是大同小异。西方的所谓民主也是充满虚伪多重标准。因为我们不小心被父母生育在这块热带雨林的政治烂泥巴里,所见所闻所嗅自然充满泥巴味。现在可以移居西方国土,肯定找不到半片净土。

  2. Man lives in this world wherever he goes he cannot separate himself from the formation of human society and man-made government.
    There are sugar there are ants gather. There are moneys there are money hunters follow.
    It is normal that man lives on money to survive.
    Without money, man cannot buy himself a comfort, luxurious lifestyle. Even he can't make his wife and children happy.
    If he is rich, he will have the ability to fulfill his personal desire. Socially, he can make himself famous and do whatever he wants to do. Immorally using the sinful money to keep mistresses for personal sex desire.
    There is a game calls politic in modern world. In the game of politic, one must forget about the soul.
    The soul of morality, the soul of justice, the soul of humanity.
    Only the people without the possession of soul are dare to take the challenge to defy the social code and constitutional act of law. These soulless politicians can be successfully become powerful and making a lot of money extracted from corruption and graft whatever mean of it. Their aim is to be wealthy in their whole life after elected to office. Who cares about the rakyat who have chosen them?
    Why those politicians in Malaysia are mostly richer than other countries in this world? It is said on the account of people's stupidity. All those careless people blindly and mistakenly choose those soulless politicians to form the government with mandate to rule over them in the crooked ways to make themselves rich by cleverly using intermediate to suck money for them without the iota of clue to be detected. What is the sorry for a people's elected representative to change their form of appearance from human to lower class of animal likes frog?
    A frog is a living thing likes human. It needs food, water and air to survive. Frog also needs money to buy the daily necessities to live on. Will they be happy in life?
    What is the sorry to let these soulless persons have the chance to make people have wrongfully misjudged them and given them the endorsement? Because of the stupidity?
    What is the hell is there waiting for them to come in? Is there the fire of sin waiting for them? Is there a bull head and horse face security guard from hell to take them as prisoners and mercilessly incarcerating them tortured by burning?
    Only God will know. God is almighty and merciful. May be the almighty will mercifully forgive them when they use the immoral gain of sinful money to buy them falsified charity for exchanging their unforgivable sin.
    Does God will be that unthoughtful to forgive them and not to incinerate them instead?
    Why want to be disheartened easily?
    Why unreasonably to blame your fate?
    It is all because of the unknown consequences that make people wanted to change their own fate by stealing others' wealth to enrich themselves prodigally.
    Will their consciences inside the corner of their hearts be demolished and eliminated on accordance with their wills? It won't happen as long as they are brigands. It is breach of social contract.
    Don't be disappointed and disheartened. Life if full of happiness and goodness. Only the one with the golden heart will enjoy it.
    God creates the fair and square.